Tales from the Noose

Starring Alex, Renee, and Toni
In the first scene, we see Toni and her lover having sex. He wants to fuck her and then hang her - it's the least she can do for him! They get it on and he then pulls the noose out and wraps it around her neck. In the next scene, we see Renee and Alex together. Alex is the spurned lover - she holds Renee at knifepoint, handcuffs her and leads her out to a noose. She puts the noose tightly around Renee's neck and then sexually teases Renee a bit - rubbing her pussy and fondling her breasts before hanging Renee. In the final scene, we see Renee's lover wanting a little noose to go with his sex. She sucks him hard before fucking him and then masturbating herself. She finally agrees to let him take her out to the waiting noose where he proceeds to hang her.
66 minutes
DVD - $40.00
Download - $30.00
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