Ms. Americana's Humiliation

Starring Renee as Ms Americana
Called to the scene of robbery in progress, Ms. Americana confronts the burglar. The caped wonder battles - wrestling and trying to punch her way out of danger only to be KO'd with a sleeper hold by the big thief. She comes to only to find herself bound and gagged. The burglar has added a new twist to his robbery plan -he'll have a little fun with the superheroine before he leaves. He starts undressing her -fondling her body as he goes. Talking about her weakness as a superheroine as he was able to defeat her with a simple maneuver. He forces her to her knees -threatens her at gunpoint to suck his cock. He'll remember this as his best heist yet! He strips her costume even more and forces himself on her - fucking her like crazy while she moans and groans with humiliation. Never before has she been caught in such a humiliating circumstance.
42 minutes
DVD - $35.00
Download - $30.00
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